Reports of Performances 2021

This list covers 2021. It is intended to include all peals rung in the District and all quarters rung by a local band or with local interest.  Other significant performances are also included.  Please inform the webmaster ( of any omissions or errors.

Performances 2016 - 2020 are here

Performances 2013 - 2015 are here.


Saturday 4th September.  A quarter peal was rung at Walpole St Peter at the commencement of the Fair and Market weekend.  This was the first QP by a Wisbech District band since 2018.

On Saturday 31st July, quarter peals including Wisbech District ringers were rung at Elm, Emneth and Walpole St Peter.

Monday 14th June.  Tolling for the Grenfell Tower victims at Terrington St. Clement.

Saturday 10th April to Saturday 17th April.  Tolling for the death and funeral of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh at Denver, March (17th and 10th), Methwold (17th and 10th), Wisbech (17th and 10th).

Tuesday 23rd March.  For the National Day of Reflection, a single bell was tolled at St Clement, Terrington St Clement, at St. Peter & St. Paul, Wisbech, and at St. Mary, Wisbech St. Mary.

Saturday 27th February.  The 5th bell at St Wendreda March was tolled 100 times, half-muffled, as a tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore on the day of his funeral.

Friday 5th February.  100 Tolling at St. Peter & St. Paul Wisbech, at noon, rung in memory of all those who have died since February 2020, and especially in memory of Capt. Sir Tom Moore (100) and Frank Burton (95), father of Sarah Bradbury and father-in-law of the Revd. Canon Matthew Bradbury, who died on 02/02/21.

Thursday 14th January.  Rounds and Call Changes were rung half-muffled at St. Wendreda, March, before and after the funeral of Tower Captain, Michael Goakes.