District Striking Competitions

Wisbech District Six Bell Method Section Competition Rules

As updated 28/09/2019 

Wisbech District Six Bell Novices Section Competition Rules

Note - in 2019 the Novices Section was replaced by the Ring Something Simple competition, see rules here.

Ringers attending will have their names entered into a draw to form random teams.  Teams of FOUR people to ring will be drawn (each ringing on the inside).  The treble and tenor will always be rung by more experienced ringers.  Depending on the numbers attending those entering can be placed in more than two teams


a) You need to be able to ring rounds and call changes comfortably to enter.

b) You don’t need permission from your tower captain to enter.

c) Any number of members from any Wisbech District tower can participate.

d) Entrants will be ringing with people from other towers

e) Ringing should be at your best. You will have more than one opportunity to ring.

f) The more ringers that enter from any one Wisbech tower increases their tower’s chances of winning!

g) In the event of a tie a tie-breaker ring will happen.

h) As a Wisbech District Ringing competition you need represent a Wisbech District Tower to win.



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