ART Ringing Teachers

Introduction to ART training at Walsoken

At the core of the ART learning scheme for ringing teachers are its three modules, each of which starts with a one-day course.  The modules focus on the teaching of:

- Bell Handling

- Foundation Skills

- Elementary Change Ringing

An integral part of the success of these schemes is the after-course support which allows teachers to put into practise that which they have learned.  SmART Ringer, is the ART on-line learning website, provides access to educational resources, tools and guidance.

Together, mentoring and on-line learning form the backbone of the skills development period in which theory is translated into practice.

Accreditation and ART Membership

Accreditation is for teachers who wish to be recognised for the quality of their teaching.

Accredited teachers use ART good practice techniques and follow ART policies and guidelines. Accreditation can be through one of two pathways; either as a teacher, or as a mentor. They have equal value and both lead to ART Membership.

Teachers Recognition

Accredited teachers receive a certificate when they pass, and their accreditation is published here on the ART website.

The annual ART Awards recognise exceptional teachers and groups who are doing good things teaching ringing. The ART Awards are open to all teachers, not just ART Members.


When you can ring alone safely, Walsoken tower will sponsor your application for acceptance to the Ely Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers which is recommended, but not mandatory.