ART Ringing Learners


The learning scheme is based on best practice from the worlds of ringing, other hobbies & education; supplemented with university research findings into how best to coach practical skills.

It was developed through the confluence of a number of people's and organisation's ideas.  National ringing institutions recognised that the aging population of Tower Captains meant that the old ways of teaching had to change.  As often happens at such times, along came individuals who had the knowledge, skills and time to be able to develop a new way. It has grown because it is the right thing being done at the right time.

The Association of Ringing Teachers and its schemes are endorsed by the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers.

Learn with an ART teacher at Walsoken

By learning with ringing teachers accredited by ART you can be assured that you will be taught in line with good practice, by teachers who adhere to the ART policies including safeguarding.

Learning the Ropes

Learning to ring, like any skill, takes time and determination. It is not as easy as it looks! With good teaching and regular attendance at two practices a week, ART estimates that it will take an average of 2½ years to become a competent change ringer.  HOWEVER:  You can learn to ring the basics within 3 months.

ART teachers have access to the Learning the Ropes Scheme; a progressive learning scheme for new ringers.  This scheme gives you access to online resources so you can learn away from the ringing practice.  It breaks down the stages of learning to ring into five Levels so you can measure your progress and see what comes next.

LINK to the Learning the Ropes (LtR) Syllabus

Learners' Recognition

In line with many other hobbies and sports nowadays, the scheme celebrates success with certificates and badges.  As ringers pass each level, their achievement is recognised in the national Ringing World newspaper, ART's own quarterly newsletter ART WORKS, and on the ART website.


Walsoken tower complies with all best practices and legal requirements in safeguarding including adhering to the Ely Diocesan Association's safeguarding policy and, of course, the safeguarding policy of All Saints' Church, Walsoken.