Striking Competition Results 2018

Wisbech District Striking Competitions 2018

Ring Something Simple (Novice) Competition

Date: Saturday 1st September 2018

Venue: Walsoken, Norfolk

Scorers: Anne Carpenter and Heather Dobson

Ring Something Simple winners

The initial novice Ring Something Simple competition went well at Walsoken. The rules are here. A remarkable seven towers were represented:

    • Wisbech
    • Shouldham
    • Terrington St. Clement
    • Watlington
    • Walsoken
    • Methwold
    • Wisbech St. Mary

The results of the competition were;

    • 1st Place Methwold (represented by Alan York) – Ringing score 85%
    • 2nd Place Wisbech (represented by Martin Slough – Ringing Score 84%
    • 3rd place Shouldham (represented by Rob Thompson) – Ringing score 81%

It is interesting to note that 2nd and 3rd place were sole representatives from their home tower. What this means is “Anybody Could Win”!!! Everybody had the opportunity to ring twice to make the scoring work.

Special thanks to: Alan Winter for ringing the tenor for all 10 teams.; Kirstie Urquhart for ringing the treble for most of the 10 teams.; Pam, Pauline & Jeanette for stepping in to make up the numbers (as we had an uneven number of entrants).

Method Competition

Date: Saturday 23rd September 2018

Venue: Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen, Norfolk

Judges: Anne Carpenter and Heather Dobson

Thanks to all those who took part in the District Striking competition for method ringing.

It was hard getting teams together, but in the end it was worth it. We had four teams, all made up of ‘a tower and friends’.

Magdalen church was very hospitable and had provided tea and cake and biscuits, so we were well cared for.

Two teams rang Plain Hunt and two went for Bob Doubles The judges were honest but kind and no one needed to be afraid of the feedback, which is so valuable.

Fincham came first, followed by Walsoken, Magdalen and Watlington in that order. It was a better competition than in previous years so it was a successful afternoon.