District Officer Roles

Wisbech District Officer and Committee Roles

If you are thinking you might want to stand for a post as a District Officer, or join the District Committee but are  not sure what it might entail?   Maybe this will help:



Ringing Master


Central Council Representative

Education Officer


Bell Restoration Fund Trustee

Diocesan Committee Representative

Bell Adviser

The Following District officers:



Ringing Master.


Central Council Representative.

Education Officer.

Bell Restoration Fund Trustee/ Bell advisor

Diocesan Committee Representative

... are ex-officio members of the District committee. 

Additional committee members can be elected at the ADM each year as required.

Other Committee Members

Committee meetings and business meetings

Normally, there are three business meetings in a year, held as part of a District meeting.  The Annual District Meeting in January is one of the business meetings.   There are at least two committee meetings in a year, arranged at a time to suit the committee members.