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ART Module M2F – A Review by Bob Cox: Walsoken Tower

Marsworth, Buckinghamshire – 1st October 2016

I have been interested in ART since I first heard of it. I went through the Module 1 training day over a year ago and relatively recently was able to be signed-off as completed. I had wanted to attend the Module 2 training and have pushed towards plain bob minor quarter peals with my best attempt getting to 760 changes before I lost the plot. It seemed like being a full member of ART was beyond my grasp. Apparently my situation was not by any means unique! ART split M2 into two approaches. M2F (foundation skills – teaching call changes through to plain hunt) and M2C (change ringing - teaching up to plain bob minor). More...

Wisbech District Outing, June 25th 2016

First tower, New Buckenham
 Thirteen people joined in the annual outing, including some welcome support from the Ely District. It was a pity some of the regular participants were unable to come, but we had an enjoyable day ringing at five towers which were new to most of the band. Thanks to Prue Lester and Anne Carpenter for their hard work in arranging the route and the towers. All Prue’s arrangements ran very smoothly.

The pre-lunch towers were New Buckenham and Banham, two very different towers. The lovely easy going eight at New Buckenham were much appreciated and a good course of Grandsire Triples was a pleasure to ring. There was plenty of rounds and call changes, together with Plain Bob Doubles and three cover bells. This gave everyone a chance to ring several times on eight bells. Banham was very different. When we arrived it was a hive of industry with cleaning volunteers all over the place. The entrance to the ringing chamber is tucked away behind the organ and the chamber itself is obviously used as a repository for, among other things, a netball hoop and a walking frame. The bells aren’t rung as much and were more challenging, but a good selection of rounds, call changes, Plain Bob Doubles and Grandsire Doubles, with a plain course of Bob Minor, proved perfectly possible.

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June 27th 2015 – the Wisbech District outing day.

It was a good day, with good weather. Eighteen people came and it was good both  to have Geoff Grayton and Simon Smith from the Ely District to swell the numbers and to see ringers from two of the more far flung towers, Wisbech St Mary and March. Two of the WSM ringers came for the morning  only and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was brave of them to come on their own, so full credit and we hope to see them at future meetings. More ...

ITTS Bell Handling Training – At Over Church, 18th April 2015

A personal perspective by an ITTS bell handling training participant (M1).

ITTS have been promoting their Association of Ringing Teacher (ART) training courses by various means for the past few years.  I have read some of their, seemingly, all-pervading communications about becoming a Ringing Teacher and, increasingly, took more interest.  When the opportunity to attend Over Church materialised the reality of our local ringing world seemed to hold me back.  More ...

Bell Handling Training at Walsoken Church, 14th February 2015

A personal perspective by a bell handling training participant. 

The presentation given by the Recruitment and Training Subcommittee (RATS) at the recent Wisbech District ADM gave rise to the subject of basic bell handling skills. My feeling was that some towers may pretty much dread a new recruit, of any age, turning up unannounced to try bell-ringing as many towers did not have ringers trained or confident to instruct newcomers in basic bell handling. More ...

Ringing for the Wisbech Rose Fair

Congratulations to David Appleby on ringing his first quarter on more than 6 bells - tenoring to Grandsire Caters at Wisbech, rung for the Wisbech Rose Fair on 2nd July 2014.