Wisbech District
Ring Something Simple Novice Competition
Walsoken, 7th Sept 2019, 3 - 5 pm
Rules are here

Wisbech District
Six Bell Method Section Competition Rules
1. All participants shall be Sunday service ringers from within the Wisbech District, and no ringer may ring for more than one team. Ringers in the novices section may also ring in the method section.
2. Any team may include TWO other Wisbech District ringers. (in accordance with Rule 1).
3. At least 50% of the team must be members of the EDA.
4. The test piece will be 120 changes of Minor (or Doubles with the tenor covering). Changes may be repeated, for example 12 leads of Plain Hunt Doubles or 3 plain courses of Plain Bob Doubles would be acceptable. Teams from 5 bell towers may ring Doubles with no covering bell (advise the organiser prior to the competition). 
5. Each team will be allowed 5 minutes to practise immediately before their competition begins.  Two whole pulls on the treble will indicate the start of the test piece to the judges
6. Only members of each competition team will be allowed in the ringing chamber for the duration of the test piece; the conductor must be a member of the team.
7. Marking will begin on the first change and finish when returned to rounds
8. Speed of ringing is not a critical factor, it is STRIKING evenly that counts
9. The judges' decisions are final.
10. Scratch bands will not count in the overall placing
11. Teams entering the competition must notify the organiser no later than 24 hours before the start of the event (exception are scratch bands).

Wisbech District Meeting - 27/04/2013

Wisbech District
Six Bell Novices Section Competition Rules

Note - in 2019 the Novices Section is replaced by the Ring Something Simple competition, see rules here.

Ringers attending will have their names entered into a draw to form random teams.  Teams of FOUR people to ring will be drawn (each ringing on the inside).  The treble and tenor will always be rung by more experienced ringers.  Depending on the numbers attending those entering can be placed in more than two teams

1. There will be 1 minute practice time allowed per team.
2. The ringing for each team starts on 3 whole pulls of the treble (6 strikes).
3. Rounds will be rung for 3 minutes (these rounds will be judged).
4. Following on from rounds, simple call changes will be rung for 3 minutes (which will be judged too), as;
a). 3 to 4 (so 4 goes to 2)
b). 2 to 4 (so 4 goes to the treble)
c). 3 to 5 (so 5 goes to the 2) Tittums – Nominally 2 minutes ringing, then...
d). 5 to 3 (so 3 goes to the 2)
e). 4 to 2 (so 2 to the treble)
f). Rounds – and stand.
5. The rounds score and the call changes score will be combined for that team.
6. The experienced ringers (treble or tenor) will call the call changes (calling up).
7. The experienced ringers can offer gentle advice to all teams for better ringing.

a) You need to be able to ring rounds and call changes comfortably to enter.
b) You don’t need permission from your tower captain to enter.
c) Any number of members from any Wisbech District tower can participate.
d) Entrants will be ringing with people from other towers
e) Ringing should be at your best. You will have more than one opportunity to ring.
f) The more ringers that enter from any one Wisbech tower increases their tower’s chances of winning!
g) In the event of a tie a tie-breaker ring will happen.
h) As a Wisbech District Ringing competition you need represent a Wisbech District Tower to win.


2017 - competition not held
2012 - competition not held