Wisbech District Outing 27/06/2015

June 27th 2015 – the Wisbech District outing day.

It was a good day, with good weather. Eighteen people came and it was good both to have Geoff Grayton and Simon Smith, from the Ely District, to swell the numbers and to see ringers from two of the more far flung towers, Wisbech St Mary and March. Two of the WSM ringers came for the morning only and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was brave of them to come on their own, so full credit and we hope to see them at future meetings.

We started at Cromer, where the newly augmented bells were lovely. We all enjoyed them. It's a wonder some of us got there, as the road was closed between Fakenham and the Snorings. No signs, just hope the one in front knows there he/she is going! It added about 10 miles to the journey for an already early start. Cromer gave us the most advanced ringing of the day, with Grandsire Triples and Bob Triples. We rang plenty of rounds and call changes at every tower because of the number of inexperienced ringers with us. We moved on to Wells, where the bells were considerably more challenging. The ropes were like elastic! We rang rounds and call changes, interspersed with PB/GD on the front six with three tenors. Then Prue, Kirstie, Gary, Rob and I made for the quayside to eat fish and chips, which were excellent.

There was a long gap after lunch, although it couldn't be helped. We were unable to go to Wighton as planned, because of work on the church. Sculthorpe were painful on the ear. The bells must be very close as the sound was headache making. They went well enough but no one fancied a whole practice or a peal attempt! East Rudham bells are good to ring on and we did the usual things of rounds, call changes and some doubles.

Thanks are due to Prue Lester, who had liaised with the churches to make all the arrangements run smoothly.All the learners did well and experienced new bells which will encourage them in their own towers.

After the ringing was over, people commented on the pleasant atmosphere and relaxed camaraderie in a shared enjoyment of the hobby we all enjoy and try to perfect.. Thanks to Geoff Grayton for the photos.

Pam Wakeling

St Peter, Cromer
Brian in charge at Cromer
Those with good legs saw this - from the Cromer tower
Cromer pier, from the tower
From the chancel at Cromer
The Cromer bells
St Nicolas, Wells next the sea
Ringing from the gallery at Wells
Early birds at Sculthorpe, in perfect weather
Ringing at Sculthorpe
St Mary, East Rudham
Ringing up at East Rudham